Webinar 3

Series description: It is so important in the fight for educational equity that the voices and experiences of students and teachers are heard. Whether through writing, speaking, or through social media, it is crucial that we speak out in the face of injustice and not stay silent about the things that matter. We want to hear from educators of color in the classroom on the most pressing issues happening in education and give you an elevated platform to amplify your voice.

That is why EdTrust is hosting a series of monthly “Communications for Fierce Advocacy” trainings aimed to connect educators of color with communications experts to build and amplify teachers’ advocacy voice through various mediums and communications outlets. Such mediums and platforms include opinion pieces including op-eds and blogs, leveraging social media, and how to conquer media interviews around topics that are bubbling up in your state that are also national hot topics.

Monday March 25 (6-7pm ET): How to Be an Effective Media Spokesperson (Download the presentation)

  • Description: Media is a powerful platform to shape narratives and inform and influence audiences around a certain topic. Teachers are natural spokespeople who can best speak to education issues that are affecting schools and classrooms. In this session, advocates will learn about the different mediums of media interviews, understand what makes a successful interview by hearing from media spokespeople themselves, and engage in a mock interview scenario with a reporter.
  • Agenda:
    • Knowing Your Audience and Platform
    • Spokesperson Panel: What Makes a Successful Interview?
    • Mock Interviews with a Reporter
    • Wrap-up and Next Steps Towards Action