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A Resource Guide for Students, Educators, and Community Advocates

Coalition Letter to TN SBE Educator Advisory Team on Social Studies Recommendations

The Tennessee Coalition for Truth in Our Classrooms is a group of students, education advocates and community organization leaders who believe in promoting the teaching of truthful history in our schools, and honoring and valuing the diversity of our students, staff and institutions.

Our coalition believes schools must be an inclusive, safe, nurturing environment so that children can learn to address some of the world’s most complex issues. To do so, schools must teach a diverse and challenging curriculum, and students need to engage with materials that reflect the rich history of all students and our world. Schools have a responsibility to provide students with thorough, truthful, and fact-based history as a means of addressing misinformation and avoiding mistakes of the past.

Our coalition has been tracking the dangerous anti-truth, censorship bills, news, and ongoing conversations evolving since the passage of Public Chapter 493 last year. The development of false narratives and attacks on diversity, equity & inclusion efforts are causing disruptions in our schools, hindering students’ learning and negatively impacting teachers’ mental, social-emotional well-being as they are threatened with punitive actions.

To support our students, teachers, and community advocates with understanding and navigating the complexities of how the anti-truth and censorship movement is impacting Tennessee, we have created a hub of resources. Our hope is to spread awareness on this issue, protect full and honest instruction in our classrooms, and empower our students and teachers with factual information, helpful toolkits, and tangible guides to take action.

Action Toolkits

Download a toolkit from Learn from History and Our Turn that’s right for you to help ensure that your schools continue teaching fact-based history.



Coalition Letter to TN SBE Educator Advisory Team on Social Studies Recommendations

Messaging Guides

Review evidence-informed guides on how to frame your advocacy language on common concerns, questions, and topics you might encounter in current education debates.

Changing the Narrative

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (LCCRUL)

40 Race Forward

Intercultural Development Research Association (IDRA)

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE)

We Make the Future


Anti-Truth, Censorship Bill Movement

Learn about how to take action on current bills moving through the Tennessee General Assembly, and track the equity implications for bills moving across the country.

Tennessee Advocacy

Across the Country

Censorship in the News

Review recent media highlights on anti-truth, censorship issues in Tennessee and across the country.

Research, Podcasts & Publications


Across the Country

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