Ensuring true equity in our schools — and equality in America — means closing achievement gaps, not just at the low end of achievement, but all along the spectrum. To do so, schools must work hard to rapidly accelerate achievement for struggling students, while simultaneously ensuring that middle and high-achieving, low-income students and students of color continue to excel.

To call attention to and spur action on achievement and opportunity gaps across the spectrum, we:

  • Provide interactive tools and analysis of achievement data that identify high performance and improvement (as well as areas of concern) internationally, nationally, and by state for all groups of students, and over time;
  • Use data to identify and study schools that are supporting and growing those students at the very highest levels of achievement;
  • Conduct research and data analysis to document the gaps that exist, what contributes to them, and ways to close them; and
  • Draw on and share student experiences to illuminate these gaps at every level of achievement.

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Natasha Ushomirsky

Natasha Ushomirsky

State Director for Massachusetts

Natasha currently serves as the State Director for Massachusetts at The Education Trust. In this role, she builds relationships…

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